Hosting server at home: secure services over the DSL connection Part 2

The three major cable providers provide a quick upstream. Unity Media offers up to 1000 kbit/s. In Germany there are 2000 cable kbit/s. Kabel BW is even allowed up to 2500 kbit/s. However, running a server is not allowed or restricted. Germany prohibits cable in the Terms (PDF) a server operating altogether.

Kabel BW is only slightly more liberal and allows in its FAQ any server that is open to the public. Thus one would protect a private website with a password. Solely Unity Media Server allows the operation for private, non-commercial purposes, provided that the data transfer volume moved in a normal range.

This has quite technical reasons. The cable network has been developed for the distribution of radio and television programs. There has already been thought of a return channel, this is limited to the frequencies from 5 to 65 MHz. From 80 to 860 MHz, the cable network allows only the direction from the supplier to the end customer.

The connections are available to each cluster, all hanging on a copper strand and are powered by a single glass/copper transition, only four channels are available, each offering a throughput of 27 Mbit/s net. Assuming a cluster size of 500 connected nodes, which fully utilize all their upstream, each participant remain about 200 kbit/s.

Hosting server at home: secure services over the DSL connection

Broadband connections with up to 10 Mbit/s upstream allow to run the Internet server not only at a hoster. ZDNet explains how to become their own ISP and offering Internet services from the home server.

The server rooms of the large hosting providers such as 1 & 1, Strato and Host Europe look impressive. Many thousands of servers, usually in 19-inch rack format are installed in a confined space in the shelves. So, for example, hosts Strato over four million domains. Assuming three million .de domains in the Strato-out data centers, so are the 25 percent of German Internet – measured in domains.

This stratovolcano is not responsible for the loss of 25 percent of the German Internet, including the power supply was secured with a diesel generator. For its operation Strato requires a permit from the German Air Traffic Control (DFS) as pointed out at The amount of hot exhaust gases can be dangerous for the approaching jets in Berlin.

The fact that the hosting business in the last two decades has developed so rapidly, mainly because that either firms or for individuals willing were inexpensive Internet connections, which offered enough bandwidth in the upstream, to operate a public server at their location itself.

That has now changed. ADSL2 + connections there are between 800 and 1000 kbit/s upstream, VDSL offers the German Telekom with up to 10,000 kbit/s. Even with a standard ADSL connection – possibly an extra charge – almost always 512 kbit/s are offered. Meanwhile, the DSL provider goes on to offer the maximum speed at no extra charge, which allows the line.

While depending on the cable length often must accept restrictions on downstream, the upstream usually reaches full speed. This is because the upstream DSL is modulated in a lower frequency range than the downstream. A great length and a small cross-section of the local loop (ULL) makes it less noticeable than in the upstream downstream.

Magento hosting

Magento was developed in 2008 by the company Varien in Los Angeles and enjoys great popularity since then. Since there is a free community version, the basic system is widely used and a number of shop owners have chosen this online shop system in the past. In 2011, the company eBay has acquired the rights to Magento. Contrary to common fears is the free and thus free community version of Magento.

Big advantage of Magento is the Market Place which can be obtained from third-party manufacturers on the applications. This central point of contact for many optional functions are obtained at a glance and can compare the best free stock with the fee-based services. The installation of these extensions is done in a simple way and makes Magento in this way to an extremely flexible shop system. In addition to social media and translation tools the shopowner has many ways to interact with the customers.

Magento hosting should be taken especially on maximum power of the server infrastructure. Magento is generally very resourceful, heavy and can quickly drive many visitors on a shop page where the server loads into the air. Current brand hardware and a fast connection to the World Wide Web should therefore be present in the data center of the provider. In addition, the number of clients per server is relevant, sharing the power of the machine. Thus, fewer customers have more power for the individual mean per server.

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