Magento hosting

Magento was developed in 2008 by the company Varien in Los Angeles and enjoys great popularity since then. Since there is a free community version, the basic system is widely used and a number of shop owners have chosen this online shop system in the past. In 2011, the company eBay has acquired the rights to Magento. Contrary to common fears is the free and thus free community version of Magento.

Big advantage of Magento is the Market Place which can be obtained from third-party manufacturers on the applications. This central point of contact for many optional functions are obtained at a glance and can compare the best free stock with the fee-based services. The installation of these extensions is done in a simple way and makes Magento in this way to an extremely flexible shop system. In addition to social media and translation tools the shopowner has many ways to interact with the customers.

Magento hosting should be taken especially on maximum power of the server infrastructure. Magento is generally very resourceful, heavy and can quickly drive many visitors on a shop page where the server loads into the air. Current brand hardware and a fast connection to the World Wide Web should therefore be present in the data center of the provider. In addition, the number of clients per server is relevant, sharing the power of the machine. Thus, fewer customers have more power for the individual mean per server.

DM Solutions offers Magento on both shared hosting offers, as well as dedicated servers. If desired, you can also get dedicated servers with maximum performance to run extensive eShop. In addition, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of services: from domains via SSL Certificates up to the Trusted Certification we offer all services from one source. As a full service provider, we also help you in search engine optimization and ensure a better findability of your online store on the internet. Also Adwords campaigns are efficiently planned by us in order to attract many visitors with your existing budget.

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